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Sixteen victims of mishandled sexual abuse cases all settled within two weeks by Watchtower using gag orders to prevent abuse survivors from speaking out.  Click on each case to see full size copy and details



Texas Potter Cnty (1 victim) #91048C       Oregon, Marion Cnty (1 victim) #06C15281

Settled 02/15/07                                        Settled 02/14/07




California, Napa Cnty (2 victims) #2622191    California, Napa (1 victim) #2623929

Settled )2/13/07                                               Settled 02/13/07






California, Placer Cnty (1 victim) #SCV16600    California, Yolo (3 victims) #CV031430

Settled 02/13/07                                                 Settled 03/02/07



California, San Diego (4 victims) #GIE034558    California, Tehama (1victim) #52594

Settled 02/26/07  Rick McLean’s victims        Settled 02/13/07


READ McLean Lawsuit here




California, Tehama (2 victims) #52598

Settled 02/13/07

READ RECENT LAWSUITS AND RULINGS(key to obtaining pedophile database)HERE

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